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Spotless, a novel by Camilla Monk
Beating Ruby, a novel by Camilla Monk
Crystal Whisperer, a novel by Camilla Monk
Butterfly in Amber, a novel by Camilla Monk
Apache Strike Force, a novel by Camilla Monk
Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens' Treasure, a novel by Camilla Monk
Still, a novel by Camilla Monk
Silverlegs, a novel by Camilla Monk

A fifteen-year-old girl with a gift for violence in a war-torn empire, Constanter has nothing left to lose—except perhaps her very self, when she becomes a legendary mercenary boy who moves so fast that all you will see is the silvery glint of his greaves before he slashes you: the invincible Silverlegs.

As the  empire spirals into madness in the name of the One God, Constanter will have to choose what she truly fights for, before Silverlegs’s rage leads her down the road to hell…

Available on 27/8/2019 as an e-book and paperback
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