Silverlegs, a novel by Camilla Monk

Ebook & paperback (356 pages)

Silverlegs (Book 1 – Seed of Rage)

Will you be fast enough? 

A fifteen-year-old girl with a gift for violence and nothing left to lose, Constanter is running. To escape the farm she grew up on in a remote part of the Western Lorian empire. To forget the family and the life she can never return to. She runs east, toward the distant war she knows only from the tales of travelers—a twenty-year long conflict, opposing the Western and Eastern halves of the empire.

Mistaken for a boy after she stole the gear of a dead soldier, she is captured and drafted by a band of mercenaries whose leader recognizes her innate speed and agility. Her face hidden under a mask, Constanter surrenders to the anger she wears like a second skin and becomes Silverlegs, a legendary killer, an uncontrollable weapon in the hands of power-hungry rulers and religious fanatics.

As the Western empire spirals into madness in the name of the One God, Constanter will have to choose what she truly fights for, before Silverlegs’s rage leads her down the road to hell…

Praise for Silverlegs

This book is like Throne of Glass on steroids and I loved it all. It is not for the faint of heart so considered yourself warned. The writing, characters, settings, story… everything pulled me in and kept me riveted. I can’t even write in an intelligent paragraph, that’s how caught up in the story still am.

Jenny Vee

Silverlegs lives up to the expectations set on it as a grimdark tale. (…) Think Gladiator meets grimdark, and you’ve basically got a good feel for this novel.


Strong female, dark and lots of fight in the book. Fast-paced and well structured so it makes you want more.


Goodreads reviewer

This is both dark and celebratory and I have found a new author to follow.

Martha Cox

Goodreads reviewer

Camilla Monk’s depiction of morality in this book and in the character is amazing. There is no absolute good or bad, just shades of gray. Transactions in morality are mercenary in nature; survival is the only paramount, and honor is kept (well, by most people. On most part).


Goodreads reviewer

This was an amazing story about a female surviving and thriving in an man’s world, but not in the stereotypical roles that females are presented with. There is action galore as Silverlegs becomes a quite renowned warrior. Friends and enemies are made. Respect is earned the hard way.


Goodreads reviewer

Everything Camilla Monk creates is captivating to the end. Her previous stories were quirky with tons of comedy… I never expected her to write something this dark and exciting. This book is FREAKING AMAZING!

Cloud 9 Books

Monk creates a fantastic Romanesque world that you can really appreciate. When the characters finally reach the city it’s like a scene out of Gladiator when everyone is seeing the Colosseum for the first time. It was extremely well written and simply breathtaking. Whilst we’re on the subject of having our breath taken away, we should discuss the fight scenes. This book contains some of the goriest and savage deaths I’ve ever encountered. If you read this book and don’t get goosebumps every time Silver Legs fights, you’re dead inside. (…) Some of the most spine-tingling and cinematic fighting I’ve ever read in any book, Camilla Monk is truly an artist when it comes to battles.

Daryl Graves

Goodreads reviewer

The author didn’t pull any punches, there was no pussyfooting around the brutal realities, she laid it all out there for you to see. My poor heart! I cannot wait for book 2.