The Corner Office, Business romance by Katerina Baker

Review: The Corner Office by Katerina Baker

The Corner Office, Business romance by Katerina BakerI’m so happy to share this. Katerina Baker, a fellow author and longtime online friend (she’s the one who actually led Spotless to get published!) is releasing her first book, and also my favorite among hers, The Corner Office.

An unusual enemies-to-lovers romance, TCO features a in-depth view of the corporate world, and is told from the POV of Tara, a brilliant exec in her mid 30’s who sacrificed everything to her career. She’s about to get a coveted executive director position, but there’s a formidable douche standing in her way to the top, the flamboyant Richard, and she’s getting involved with one of her subordinates, the mysterious Aidan… Not everything is what it seems though, something Tara learns the hard way as her life unravels in and out of the office…
I was lucky enough to read a very early version of The Corner office, and back then, I fell in love with Tara, Aidan… and Richard! 🙂 This isn’t your usual enemies-to-lovers romance, as others have pointed. Katerina Baker give flesh and depth to the corporate world. It’s not just billionaires vaguely doing nondescript business: there’re stakes, characters are fully developed, and The Corner Office builds its suspense masterfully, as Tara spirals down and things get way out of control in and out of the office…
Easy 5 stars, and I’m truly happy to see this book released for everyone to enjoy!

The Corner Office is available for pre-order on Amazon!

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