A Writer’s Ego, Featuring Prince John

I posted this for the first time almost three years ago, but I have to admit that I haven’t matured one bit, and as a result, the post hasn’t aged either… 

When I contemplate posting a selfie on Instagram.

When I tell my husband that he’s free to give me honest reviews.

When there’s a bloody fight between two authors’ street teams in their Amazon reviews.

When I make money from my day job, but not from my books.

When I get my audiobook royalties.

When I see a new review.

When I see a bad rating on Goodreads, but no review to explain it.

When it’s 2am and I’ve finished my chapter.

When readers write me to say that they hope for a sex scene …

When I decide to be a healthy writer and exercise.

When I get a flattering email from someone who signs “your fan”.

When I see authors I don’t like getting more reviews than me.

When I tell my friends that I feel great things are coming my way in 2016 2017 2018 2019.

When I’m told about some new and revolutionary book promotion platform with zero tangible result but it only costs $999.

When I re-read a chapter I’m proud of.

When I procastinate and brainwash myself on 9gag.

When someone slams one of my favorite books with a one-star rating and a scathing review.

When I get THE plot idea.

If I decided to sell my soul and write 5k words porn novellas instead.

But I decide to persevere until the world bends to my will.

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  • Camilla, only you could make me laugh at a series of 1970s clips from Disney’s Robin Hood. Is the internal snark ALWAYS in your head? I get the feeling there is a lot of you in the mind of Island Chaptal.

    • I do use Island’s character as a way to channel my own mad ramblings;You have exposed my scheme! One of my favorite games is to ask my husband “What would you do if you were turned into a [insert anything here: toe nail, bowl of cereal, pet rat, paint chip, carrot …]. His answer is invariably “NOTHING! JESUS! I WOULD DO NOTHING! PLEASE STOP!!”

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