Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens' Treasure, a novel by Camilla Monk

Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens’ Treasure

Spotless series #5

Okay, so it starts kind of like Hart to Hart.

He’s March November, a self-made millionaire and former legendary hitman, who now runs Struthio Security, a wholly legitimate business catering to high-end clients in serious trouble—think being in the cross-hairs of a Nigerian warlord.

He works with Island Chaptal, his girlfriend and partner. She used to be a computer engineer, but a lot of stuff happened, so now she’s his CTO and hacks poorly-protected devices and fiber optic cables for him, which kind of sounds like she slept her way to the top, but no, actually.

Together, Island Chaptal and Mr. November fight crime. Mostly. This time though, they’re rescuing Joy—Island’s BFF—who ended up in a Cancún jail after nearly killing her boyfriend’s side chica with a three-feet tall birthday cake. Ancient aliens somehow get involved in this mess, and also a guy name Angel Somoza, who hates sloths. There’s gunfights, frenetic capering from Mexico to Cairo, passionate sex, Roomba cats, and a lot of questionable science thrown in.

It’s the final chapter of the Spotless series, and just another Monday for March and Island.

Ebook & paperback (336 pages)
Audiobook narrated by Amy McFadden

Preorder the MP3 audiobook (releases on June 12th, 2020)

Spotless 5 MP3 audiobook
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Praise for Island Chaptal & The Ancient Aliens’ Treasure

Before I started reading Island Chaptal and the Ancient Aliens’ Treasure, I thought, there is no way Camilla Monk could do it again. But, she did. This story has EVERYTHING I love in my reads. I love the very original, slightly quirky heroine, Island (yes, that’s her name) with her big brain that she’s not afraid to use. The hero, March (again, yes, that’s his name) is a cross between Mr Darcy (Colin Firth…of course), with his stoic façade, and James Bond (don’t judge but Pierce Brosnan was and will always be my favourite Bond) with his good looks and abilities. But, the pièce de résistance, March has vulnerabilities. Oh, my heart does flutter when a man shows a little weakness. The storylines are captivating, the action makes my heart beat faster, and it is EXTREMELY FUNNY!

Labeled as the final chapter, this was a delightful way to wrap up the Spotless series. It has all the trademark humor, action and sheer quirkiness that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Monk. March, the OCD hitman and Island, the romance novel loving computer engineer, have a very particular place in my heart. When this story begins, March and Island have been happily cohabitating, and are called to rescue Island’s best friend, Joy, from a Mexican jail, when their past with the Lions comes roaring back into their lives (yeah,I know, I couldn’t resist) in a way they weren’t expecting. Along the way, great action, weird alien treasure, an evil sloth, and some sweet, sweet, loving romance happens.