Still, a novel by Camilla Monk


Still series #1

It always started like this, a pulse inside me, like a warning before the tide surged, roared… and froze everything. 

Twenty-year old Emma just landed in Rome, to find the father who walked out of her life more than a decade ago and was too busy eating pizza to call. Traveling with her is a secret she’s carried alone since childhood: sometimes, around her, time stops. People and cars freeze, rain hangs still in the air and there’s only her left in the silence.

To make things worse, instead of her dad, Em runs into a past she’d rather forget in the person of Lily, her estranged step-sis. As the two of them reconnect, Em starts to pick up some creepy vibes from Katharos, the mysterious archaeological foundation Lily works for—and more specifically the ancient stone table they’re digging up near the coliseum…

Faust, the blind hobo Em keeps running into, might be the key to piercing Katharos’s secrets. Actually, he might even have something to do with that pesky time-freezing thing…

Ebook & paperback (318 pages)
Audiobook narrated by Amy McFadden

Praise for Still

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to modern Rome in the company of Emma, a narrator who manages to be smart, funny and angry all at the same time. I won’t say what the basic premise is because it would spoil the story, but the book combines marvel, myth and romance with a satisfyingly twisty plot – plus a highly unusual leading man.

Ruth Downie, New York Times bestselling author of the Medicus series

Camilla Monk proves her utter brilliance yet again. The old gods are loose in modern Rome, fighting ancient battles among modern families&emdash;not to mention offering a charming new way to eat your breakfast cereal. I cannot wait for more. No, really, I can’t. I’m laying all I own at the feet of Chronos and begging for a copy of the next installment from the future.

Kayti McGee, USA Today bestselling author of Under Covers

A new series and I’m a fan. Still is like nothing I’ve read before. I didn’t expect to be saved by a swearing, disrespectful and unhappy heroine. I’m gobsmacked that I’ve fallen for a blind hobo who sees better than most. The main characters were easy to fall in love with and the additional characters were interesting and helped the story flow.

Stacey is Sassy

Camilla Monk is a fantastic writer. I’m sucked into her books immediately, which is an important skill when writing a fantasy novel. While Emma is a bit rough around the edges, she is an entirely sympathetic character. I rooted for her the entire time.

Love Serially

Fascinating, well-written and a timeless piece that you will love from beginning to end.

Bibliophile Angel Reviews