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Of Blood And Light by Camilla Monk

Spotless Stories

The SPOTLESS series is a wild ride where buttoned-up nerd and romance junkie Island Chaptal meets charming, OCD-ridden hitman March. Chaos, drama, and comedy ensue all over the world for our star-crossed lovers as they battle evil villains, killer platypuses, dolphins, and sloths so that love—if not justice—may triumph.

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Of Blood And Light by Camilla Monk

Of Blood And Light

A girl with a secret…

In the back of an ambulance, River Greer is counting each breath her little sister takes, until the final one: Sage’s body is giving up, ravaged by a mysterious illness. The late-night rush to the ER, however, turns into a surreal nightmare when River is abducted and ferried across the universe, to the fabled Thule: a world beyond worlds, where Victorian mores collide with magic and Arthurian legend, and where . . . capybaras are the pet of choice.

Meets a duke on a mission… There, his grace Hadrian Landevale of Caid is fighting losing battles of his own: to recover Isolde, his runaway wife, and against the blight that threatens the ichor, the source of all life on Thule. To add insult to injury, the captured fugitive Thule pathfinders just brought back from Earth is not his duchess, but an eerie doppelgänger. When it becomes clear that someone on Thule will go to any length to silence River, Hadrian offers his protection to this enchanting, infuriating alien . . . whose secrets might be the key to save Thule’s most precious treasure: the light in its blood.

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Of Blood And Light by Camilla Monk

A Sneak-peek at The Count

All right, drum roll . . . I, the hit-man people call Virgil, a humble country boy from Georgia, have peaked. At thirty-three, I’ve actually managed to:

– Leave Georgia—that alone ain’t no easy feat.

– Retire—got injured on duty, just a flesh wound.

– BUY A CASTLE IN FRANCE and the goddamn title to go with it. It’s Monsieur le Comte, to you now, and I even bought myself a mean crossbow to test the arrowslits: sweet.

Now, the place does need a bit of TLC, there’s a serial killer living down the road, and I’ve got a cute, catatonic girl following me around who goes by Ted. And that’s just for starters: apparently, my castle is also in the crosshairs of a N’drangheta boss. Carmine Musco—that’s the guy—wants a pair of old Italian paintings that I bought along with the place, and he’s willing to kill me for those. Well, he ain’t gonna be the first to try, and I guarantee that he won’t be the last either, because Ted and I make a hell of a team, and we’re going medieval on his ass.
Not time to explain: jump in and let THE COUNT take you on a high-octane rampage through the South of France that’s definitely not in tourist guides . . .

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