It’s Release Day For Still!

Still series by Camilla Monk - Ebook and Audiobook

It’s Paranormal Hobo Day!

Still book 1 by Camilla MonkStill is live! Buckle up for the adventures of rebellious twenty-year-old Em, and laid-back immortal hobo Faust—who happens to be able to stop time—as they face eternal gods, douchey archeologists, and one badly taxidermized fox.
Set in the same crazy universe as the Spotless series, the Still series combines high-stakes, snarky humor, and a touch of romance, but this time in a fantastical world inspired by Graeco-Roman myths.

Still is now available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback.
Book #1 is a complete story, with no cliffhanger. 😉

Get it now for $3.99! (Or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited)

And there’s also a Giveaway!

Answer this question for a chance to win one of three gift bags containing a signed copy of Still and a fox plushie:
Can you find a reference to book #2 of the Spotless series, Beating Ruby in Still?

Answer now for a chance to win your gift bag!

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  • Will Still have an audiobook version? If so when would that be coming out? Thanks!

  • Ashley Kerr
    June 6, 2018 3:07 pm

    When will the next Still book come out!

  • Priscilla Kalumo
    December 25, 2018 4:52 pm

    Still was a really amazing read. I really love how you turned an insecure turd into an unbelievably selfless heroine. And the way you are able to bring Emma’s feelings to life is just incredible. As a reader I hurt with her and felt all her frustrations and anger. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year. Thanks Camilla

    • Thank you Sean! I’m so happy that you understood exactly what I was trying to do with Em –show that child neglect produces adults with very real flaws, and try to bring the reader on the side of someone who first comes across as unlikable and who tends to make impulsive decisions out of anger or misplaced pride… 🙂

  • FYI : I downloaded book 1 of the Spotless series from and ended up reading STILL Book one. I would really like to read the first book of the Spotless series. You might want to check it out.
    LOVED STILL!!! Impressive and sooo different.

    • Hi Janet,
      I somwhow missed that message, I’m so sorry! Thank you for letting me know: the bug has been fixed (it lasted 24 hours) and here’s how to get Spotless: in your Amazon account, there’s a section called “Manage my content and devices”, there, under Spotless, you’ll see an orange sticker indicating that a news version of the book is available. Click on it to get the real Spotless!

      Edit: I just realize we talked by email… I’m so silly. Thank you again for your support!

      Camilla Monk

  • I have read your entire SPOTLESS series from book 1 to book 4.5 numerous times… well at least 16.
    I am waiting for the publication of the final book of the series.

    The series as well as its characters is/are enthralling.

    You should know I am 67 yrs of age and am an avowed bibliophiliac.

    Please let us know the novel’s publication date.

    • Dear Basia,
      thank you for your message: I love hearing from readers!
      Spotless 5 will be coming this spring; I hope to have a final pub date this week or the next.




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