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She’s five feet. They’re five inches. This will not be a battle of giants.

Over the course of two bewildering nights, housekeeper-turned-lady’s-companion Sfjona Brist took her first windcruiser flight, attended her first ball, and danced with a knight of the Round Table—twice! A third spin with the too-kind, too-tall Sir Natameus Bedivere of Bedrydant would have been positively scandalous, but Miss Brist’s virtue was thankfully saved when her employer, the Duke of Caid, jumped into Lake Nimue to brawl with law enforcement and was nearly devoured by a pack of bloodthirsty water wolves in the process.

Now His Grace is back from his perilous adventures, and Miss Brist must resign herself to resume her monotonous life as a spinster in the service of the Caid household. Or rather, she would, had she not received an urgent message that her father was just arrested.
For breaking into a distinguished household’s pantry . . .
during a hunt for a legendary species of minuscule goblins.
Said pantry belonging to the Earl of Bedrydant . . .
that is, Sir Bedivere’s father.

. . . . . . . . .
This companion short  novel to Of Blood & Light will take you back to Thule for another round of improbable Victorian shenanigans, fringe ethnoscience, and, of course, capybaras.


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This was such a fun twist on Arthurian legend and I absolutely adored C. Monk’s writing style!

Cindy D.P.

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I have just finished the ARC and again I’m so glad I stumbled across Camilla Monk’s work. She is a very gifted writer and world builder. I just love her characters.


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I never regret pre-ordering a Camilla Monk book. This insane romp of a fantasy (…) was everything I needed to restore my enjoyment of reading after a bad funk. (…) Insane. And spectacular.


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Oh yeahhh. This might be one of the most refreshing books I’ve read this year yet. I mean can we get some round of applause on this one? (…) Definitely an easily recommended book to those who love plot-driven fantasy romance with vibrant worldbuilding.

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