Spotless’s Worst Reviews

Rotten Tomato

Rotten TomatoLike all authors, I love getting reviews. I love getting good ones, but I also derive some sort of perverse pleasure from bad (or even awful ones). In all fairness, I was spared the bulk of the interweb’s rage, mostly because I’m still fairly unknown. Still, I share the good reviews, so it’s only fair I should share the bad ones. πŸ˜‰

I’ll start with my top 3. Don’t ask me why the first reviewer ultimately gave the book 3 stars: it remains unclear to me.

Goodreads ★★★
“written by an author who’s obviously desperate to prove, to any and everyone, that she can indeed write […] The sex was gratuitous and often lost its parody-edge which made it pathetic and the romance was at best cliched”

Goodreads ★★
“I felt kind of like I’d swum across a polluted river by the time I was done.”

Goodreads ★★
“There is no romance at all!!!!! She describes his chest ( big wow!!!) and its hairiness!!!”

Goodreads ★★
“I found myself never really liking any of the characters mostly it was who to dislike the least.”

Amazon ★★
“after 300+ pages that seemed much longer, it ends on a cliff-hanger. […] I guess I’m glad I read it, but I’m also glad I didn’t have to pay for it”

“Woman gets kidnapped and falls for the kidnapper. Yes it is possible and it has happened in real life. No, I have no desire to read a book like this.”

Camilla Monk – Goodreads
“The ending really sucks.”

“Couldn’t understand the great reviews. Found the characters to be so insipid, and/or amazingly dumb and thoroughly unlikeable. Amy McFadden is a great reader but she couldn’t make this nonsensical farce something I could endure.”

“This book should be listed under “Chick Lit”* […] I felt mislead. This is just a book about some chick whining about her love/sex life as some half baked plot plays out in the background.”
*A.N.: It is indeed, listed under “Romance” on Audible. Lies and deceit!


“Definitely a struggle to finish this…characters were weak…narrator was dull…story was shallow.”

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  • Well, you inspired ‘a lake of empathy’ from Booksinbrogan so every cloud, eh?

  • Lol. You are awesome for sharing these πŸ™‚ there are always some people who just want to to see the world burn…

  • Hello I’ve just finished the second one, and had realised we maybe getting a couple more, looking forward to it. One question, I’m sure now I’ve found this little place I’ll have others, but why biscuit?


  • I don’t understand the bad reviews at all. I’m a life-long reader who’s written a few novels of my own (and studied like hell to learn how to do it fairly well), and I find the Spotless novels to be very well-written and intelligent with sympathetic characters.

    The plots are exciting and as believable as any Lee Child or James Bond novel. (If those readers think hired killers don’t exist in real life, they should think again. Only those killers are “normal” husbands and dads because their families have no idea what they really do for a living.)

    I love nerdy Island with her quirks and insecurities. March is also a very sympathetic character with his own vulnerabilities and insecurities. Two wounded people who find each other…. What’s more romantic than that?

    Even the secondary characters are well-fleshed out for their roles. I love Island’s dad and stepmother and the dad’s issues with his wife’s cooking.

    Fingers crossed that there will be many more Spotless novels to look forward to. These books are on my auto-buy list. Thank you for writing them. They’re a joy to read.

    • Thank you, Deb! I think it’s impossible for a book not to have bad reviews, because everyone has different taste, but I like my bad reviews too, I find some of them hilarious, and, I must admit, well-written.
      I’m determined to pump out the two remaining books in the series, even though Amazon didn’t believe in Spotless: feedback like yours, and the support from my readers is a huge motivation!

      • True. Art is subjective. I’m so glad there are more Spotless books coming. But I look forward to reading anything else you’ve written or will write in the future.

        I don’t understand Amazon either. I hope they’re rethinking their stance.

  • LOL there are always peeps who are going to complain no matter what, I loved your books so there .


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