Winners of the Twitter #ExplainSpotlessBadly Giveaway

You guys made it so hard to choose that I actually picked a number of runner-ups who’ll receive a print copy of the Butterfly in Amber July novella! And now, the three winners of a gift bag:

1) ARose, with this bleak summary of the first 3 books.

And, who, quite honestly deserves a special prize for research, too:

2) Brenda, who reminds us that, sometimes, words simply aren’t enough.

3) Brooke, who tells the tale of a rollercoaster romance in alternative English.

And the (many) runner-ups are:

Cynthia, with the most poetic take on the challenge:

Mjdyuka, who really paid attention to every detail:

Dandy, Les, Hemet, Avril, Nathaly and Nxweek, who actually explain the series quite well.

Hilda, who seriously found a remote-controlled mop…

Emily, who’s absolutely right.

And finally, Diksha, who sees the kink in all things.

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