Apache Strike Force, a novel by Camilla Monk

Apache Strike Force

Spotless series #4.5

He’s death from the sky, ready to strike. He never compromises, never lets go, never settles for second best when it comes to his offspring. He’s the… Apache.

With his nose-mounted sensor, night vision system and 30 mm chain gun, Simon Halder isn’t your average helicopter dad, and when Island, the daughter he thought he had lost, reappears after eight months of captivity, someone’s gonna have to pay. But since pretty much everyone involved has paid already, there’s only one target left in sight for this attack helicopter… Island’s new boyfriend: the man people just call March.

A companion to book 4 of the Spotless series—Butterfly in Amber—this novella is 24,000 words of gripping hitman versus helicopter dad action, including family reunions, hardcore hovering, veganism, housekeeping, and fatherly love. For your safety, please read the books in order. Because otherwise you’ll get spoiled. Hard.

Ebook & paperback (92 pages)
Audiobook narrated by Amy McFadden

Praise for Apache Strike Force

Apache Strike Force has definitely given me my crazy and funny fix. March and Island together, learning to deal with each other and their quirks, was very entertaining. I love March but even I know there is no way I would survive (or he would survive) living with the clean freak. His house rules are hilarious.

Sassy Stacey Blog

A novella that fits perfectly in the Spotless world. This has all the little quirks and touches that I expect in a Spotless book. Island and March have survived the events of Butterfly in Amber and now it’s on the real difficult task – re-integrating into Island’s life and the loved ones she left behind while on this crazy adventure. It’s a trip seeing her dad (well, her stepdad) helicopter parent her now…after everything that’s happened. Yeah, I giggled quite a bit through this.

Afterdark Book Lovers

This little novella is a piece of heaven. (…) March is still March, and Island is still Island, but who they are together gets stronger and clearer throughout this short story.

Love Serially