Crystal Whisperer Will be Released on July 29th, 2016!

Crystal Whisperer Will be Released on July 29th, 2016!

Crystal Whisperer Will be Released on July 29th, 2016!

The news came faster than expected! 🙂 So, now it’s official:

The “bad” news: Amazon Montlake is dropping the Spotless series. They will not publish other books, due to insufficient sales.

The good news:
who the hell cares! 😉

I’ve got an awesome editor to make the manuscript perfect, I’m working on getting your favorite narrator back, and so book #3 of the Spotless series, CRYSTAL WHISPERER, will be released as an indie title, in Print, ebook and (fingers crossed!) Audiobook, on JULY 29th, 2016!
Allow me to say this. This is the end of a long period of uncertainty, and overall a tough year, and I am grateful beyond words to all of you, who support me in this adventure. THE SHOW GOES ON! \o/

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  • I love your books. Quirky, fun, engaging, and genre-breaking. Amazon Montlake is missing out, as I know once word of mouth gets out more it will spread like fire. It is my suggestion for our book club this year! As far as random suggestions for the book…penguins in tuxedos.

    • Thank you I’m happy to keep going for the readers, and I’m very grateful you suggested Spotless to your book club! 🙂 And the suggestion is duly noted …

  • Oh, Camilla, it amazes and dismays me that your publisher has had the effrontery to drop you! Your stories are treasures to be enjoyed avidly over and over, and this comes from a woman who during the past few decades has read thousands of books (truly! – my overloaded library bookshelves attest to it), in many genres, but well over half of them romances. So yes, I consider myself more than just an afficionado in the field.

    But it never fails to baffle me how some books – like that recent teeeedious and poorly written trilogy-with-a-neutral-color-in-the-title – become mega-bestsellers and your enchanting, unique and thoroughly entertaining books have not. My guess is that it boils down to publicity, and the lack thereof for your books. Did your publisher ever attempt anything of this nature? I’m guessing that’s a big resounding NO – and that’s just so disappointing.

    I wish I knew someone famous, or someone in the publishing biz whose arm I could twist, just a little, to get the word out. Just a wee bit, that’s all it would take. Once that happened, and people read your books and discovered what an absolute delight they are, I have no doubt they would fly off the shelves!

    Still, please take heart and don’t give up. You’ve enriched the lives of those discerning and lucky readers who have discovered your books. SPOTLESS is in my “Top 5 All Time Favorites” list and I’ve listened to the audio version at least a dozen times since I purchased it. Each time is just as much a treat as the first. I for one will happily, gratefully purchase every future title you wish to offer, as well as continue to spread the word about your SPOTLESS series. Don’t give up writing, please don’t give up. You have such talent, imagination, and such a unique voice – we need more authors of your caliber!

    • Thank you, Susan, your words give me a huge boost, and I know that going on was the right decision, instead of wasting a year knocking at publishers’ doors. I’m happy that you enjoyed the series so far, and it’s very odd and moving to hear people tell me that they connected with my books. So thank you, just thank you, from the bottom of my cold French heart. 🙂

  • Amazon Montlake needs a better publicist! I’ve just discovered your books and love them – and I read a lot of books! I work in the book industry in Australia – where your books are not available – but of course, like every Australian, I go to Amazon to get my fix. Get your agent to sell your titles into the Oz market – Hachette would be a good fit. And we appreciate killer platypuses. They rival drop bears for sheer terror! I will definitely be buying Crystal Whisperer.

    • Thank you so much! I do get a few sales in Australia, (I even got one review on Amazon! I thought: “OMG! Someone in Australia knows my books!”).
      I’m taking a break from the whole agent / publisher thing until book 3 is done. My agent did offer me contract for book 3, but I cancelled it, because it would have meant for you guys a year, if not more of waiting for that damn book. And while my experience with Amazon Montlake for book 1 was great, second book was an unpleasant ride, which culminated with Montlake being —according to them— unable to promote the book’s release, as they do for their other authors, because there were no slots available. At all. So I don’t want to go through again just yet. 🙂

  • I just got back from writing reviews on Amazon. Something I never do, but I love your books so much I want you to feel the love and keep writing. I also want you to sell a million copies so you can quit your day job and write full time.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I don’t write for the money, but I definitively write for the reviews! (Even the bad ones, 😉 )

      It means a lot to me when people take the time to support this series, and I’ll do my best to deliver a satisfying third installment!

  • Oh, so if you don’t have a publisher do you get to keep more of the money? I hope so. Still hoping you can make this a full time gig !

    – a big fan!

    • Not really, since publishing a book properly is costly, and it would seem that Amazon also pulled the brakes on marketing my series in the US, so that means even lower sales, and that my readers base will be limited.

      But I want to keep going and deliver the same level of quality (same free lance editor, same narrator), because every time I see comments like yours, I know it’s worth the effort, and, thankfully, I’m not doing this for the money (Or else I’d just write erotica)! I hope you’ll enjoy book 3 when it comes out!



  • Hi Camilla: I love your Spotless series. I have been patiently awaiting book 3. I noticed it was set to be released on 7/29/16 but I can’t find it anywhere. Please let me know where I can buy your latest book. Thanks.

  • Hi Camilla. Absolutely adored your Spotless 1 & 2 series and have been looking out for the Crystal Whisperer. Just got a notification from Goodreads that it will be out on 30th November 2016. Please could you tell me how to get an e-book or hard copy. Will it be in bookstores in the UK, if so which ones? Hope your experience with the publishing industry doesn’t put you off from continuing as you obviously have a real talent! Would love to be kept informed of your future books too.

    • Hi Shelly!
      First off, thank you so much for your message; It’s always a huge boost to get feedback from readers. 🙂

      Crystal Whisperer won’t be available in stores (because I’m a nobody, lol), but it will be available for purchase on and if for some reason, you encounter trouble purchasing it, email me at, and I’ll send you a copy myself.

      If you can’t wait until then, know that ARCs will be distributed to readers who want to review the book before everyone else, on Nov 10. 🙂
      You’ll be notified if you signed up for my news (it’s the red section on the website’s homepage)



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